Weep Not

by | Apr 14, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Shed not one tear for those
Who wept their noble blood,
Or for those who fell
To death, far from home:
Who saw heaven and Hell,
In the flash of a shell,

Do not let your cries join
Those who died amongst
Fellow men upon the field.
Those who fell in trench and wire,
And the fallen, who would not yield,
And wounded who were not healed,

Weep not for the soldier who fell to grace,
Before resting his sword above the fire place,
Or died with her gun in her hand,
On freezing snow or burning sand,

Add not to that sea of tears,
Add not to the crushing fears,
Of those who served on the ocean’s wave,
Those who, at sea, their life they gave,

No more tears for those who flew,
High up above the land for you,
Who fought so bravely in the distant sky,
And were free as birds when they did die,

Weep not for the fallen warriors,
Weep not for those who served,
Weep not for those who bled,
And fell and died; because far
Too many tears have been shed,
By the dying and the dead,

Enough tears have already been shed,
By those who went to war, and found peace instead.


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