“Weigh the Anchor Chains”

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Woe is me, this day of one before the morrow brings
When history no longer mocks eternity for what shall be
Where living of all life as known, perchance no longer sings
Hath future ceased creating of existence where I’m truly free

Weigh the anchor chains I wear crisscrossed upon my heart
In depths so darkened now, as may seem to be absurd
Break free the mooring cables, which doth tie me to my art
Of penning verse that tells of longing held beneath the waves submerged

Open up my mind to soar beyond the realm of cloudy sky
Above restraint of earthly binds, which hold my dreams enthral
Endured so much in silence, when for sure inside I wished to die
Renewed in strength by steadfast faith, in one whose love I chance to call

With yearning felt within for times of joy and treasured gain
Of life as was intended at creation, with no hindered past
Ignites a fire that candles would deem true eternal flame
A love to share with minded souls, whose future is no longer cast


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