Welcome Home

by | Apr 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

We stand and wait for your flight to land, to your home from desert sands
The order came you answered the call, you did your duty you gave it your all
You do a job that few could do, you did it with passion and honour true
In the rain we wait for you flight, we can only imagine your troubles and fights
On the runway you gently land what seems so slow, it won’t be long till home we go
The road you took and you travelled far, you don’t know how proud we are
The days that passed the days to come, always remember, the days of fun,
When you left we were all sad, but now your home we are so glad
Eight of your friends march of the plane, we see your coffin on their shoulders, our tears fall like rain
Through the streets we drive deliberately slow, people stop and watch on the road we go
You flag draped coffin is sign of a soldier lost, how many more lives will this war cost
We’re another family that will struggle with grief, although you another soldier that can rest in piece
A life so young, a man so brave, to your government superiors you died a slave
You died a father, a husband a son, you died a soldier an honourable one
As we say our farewells in our own way, in our hearts you will forever stay
To heaven’s trumpet you have answered the call, while serving on hell on earth you gave your all
From where we saw you at the airdrome to the cold dark cemetery, we now welcome you home


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