by | Feb 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

What are you up to
Where do you go?
How long are you home for?
When do you go?

I am just home on leave
And in need of a pint
So far to travel
It’s hard to unravel
With so far to travel

I am finally home
After so long away
And you just ask me
When do I go away?

As for what am I up to?
It seems quite a lot
But really it is not
I love the job and the life
I can only muck it by taking a wife

All too soon the wages are gone
And the leave is done
I have had my fun
Pity that there was no sun
So much for the holiday fun

That reminds I forgot to ask
Are you having a blast?
There’s not much to say
I had a bad day
I’m just a poor sole
Who is living on the dole!


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