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I remember getting hit by it
The blast it knocked me over
I think I landed on me arse
Just by the burning rover

I remember mates all rushing
To help me sort things out
I said “you stupid bastards
I’m alright” I shout

“I’m fine” I said “get off you lot”
But they fussed me just the same
Then slowly washing over me
a wave of dulling pain

Ooh that hurts I said to them
What the hell is that?
You’ll be ok now matey
This jab will hold it back

Only then it dawned on me
Their faces said it all
It wasn’t just a flesh wound
I was heading for the fall

I felt all kind of woozy
And then all nice and calm
Then Sandy knelt beside me
And gently held my arm

I saw him glance at Murdock
Trying to hide his fear
He knew that he was losing me
And then I saw his tears

I squeezed his hand and smiled at him
I told him not to cry
That I loved him like a brother
And whispered my goodbye

He couldn’t hold it in no more
His tears and rage released
He screamed at god and everyone
Make this killing cease

And as I left them weeping
Their hearts in pain for me
I slipped away so quietly
I wish that they could see

I drifted slowly off to sleep
I couldn’t feel the heat
I didn’t smell or ache at all
Now this is really neat

I woke to see him staring
The warmest smile I’ve seen
He looked into my heart he did
As if it was a dream

He asks me what I wanted
“are the wife and kids ok”?
He smiles and points just down below
I see them plain as day

I know they really want me home
And wish we weren’t apart
and though no longer with them
I’ll live on in their hearts

We walk on through and there they are
Family, friends and more
And as they cheer and welcome me
He guards the open door

So if you’ve lost a loved one
Then weep for them no more
As they are safe and sound up here
With him to guard the door

We’ll meet again ….


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