“Well what do Juno”

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

O’er thousand times the size of Planet Earth
Hath kept his ‘eye’ on all who gravitate
Within his sphere of influence (such girth)
So many went before to meet their fate
Neath clouds so dense and swirling, yet he spins
Tho ‘winds of change’ now blow with probe’s insight
Will Jupiter then pay (said price for sins)
Such indiscretions, as once hid from sight
In Rome, this “Shining Father,” reign’d supreme
As ‘Son of Saturn’ – “god of light and sky”
Whilst Brother (Neptune) lived his life ‘downstream’
Twas Juno; (Wife and Sister) lay nearby
Should atmosphere be stirred; once more laid bare
Or else apportion blame, this time foursquare


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