Wending Way Of Life

by | Dec 29, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Strolling by ‘Old Father Thames’, I wondered of its tales to tell
‘Londinium’ in ancient times bestrode the rivers wending course
‘Great Fire’ on date of Satan’s spawn, ‘engulfed’ until its waters drawn
Sewer runs all plagued by rats, which many thought had brought ‘Black Death’

London Bridge it did fall down, bedecked by dwellings over strewn
Confused with ‘Tower’ crossing, ‘sold as seen’, then shipped straight out to sea
‘Lords and Commoners’ debate with flowing words in Parliament
As trade and commerce sail on by, beneath Big Ben’s south facing glance

Meantime further on at Greenwich, ebb and flow is daily checked
Neath its moonlit pull observed, at contemplated Naval home
On past ‘Dockland’ cranes he wends, as they in fixed salute stand tall
In memory of ‘Blitz’ that raged and many brave souls chanced to fall

The ‘North Sea’ in its element, sweeps down with gale forced precedent
‘Tall Ships’ are anchored at his mouth, we see them as they ‘bob and sway’
As in life a “Barrier” is placed ‘twixt man and fearsome fate when put on ‘High Alert’
At ‘Tidal Flood’ we hear the cry; “Well I’ll be dammed” keep London dry


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