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With the smile so soft upon your lips, that does each morning greet
A new dawn breaks, as I watch you stir, from slumber oh so sweet
As your long fair hair cascades, and frames your lovely face
I see a scene of beauty, and serenity, which does my soul embrace

Each day I count my blessings, and I wonder how it can be
That this angel here right by my side, would agree to marry me
Many years we’ve been together, and have so many, to share yet
Inseparable right from the start, from the day that we first met

Now we’ve had trials and tribulations just as all families do
But side by side, as one we’ve stood, and together we’ve pulled through
When life’s problems come to try me, and I find myself distressed
Your love and support uplifts me, then I know, I am truly blessed

Dedication towards each other is something we’ve always shown
And as the years have come and gone, in strength our love grown
Together we’re invincible, and our marriage shall never pall
There’s nothing shall ever beat us, because true love conquers all

You give me strength and inspiration, and support me in all I do
You’re always giving me encouragement, and criticisms few
So as I take time to reflect, I can see that my life is great
You’re not only just my wife; you’re my best friend and soul mate


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