Whadda ya want for Christmas?

by | Nov 3, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Could I have a Breitling watch?
I’d rather like a case of Scotch.
A weekend please, for two, in Rome.
A place that I could just call home.

A Sindy doll, with long blond hair.
New carpets for the hall and stair.
Electric cars on GT track.
My son home safely from Iraq.

A gourmet box of port and cheese.
I’d love a pair of Bonsai trees.
Mountain bike! Without a bell.
My daughter’s baby fit and well.

A carriage clock with guilded frame.
Playstation 2, and starwars game.
New en-suite bath, with wooden floor.
Someone, just once, to call at my door.

Smellies and lotions to use when I bathe.
A router, a bandsaw, or maybe a lathe.
CDs to soothe me with sounds of the sea.
A job for my daddy, and new shoes for me.

Some hankies and shreddies, maybe some socks.
I’m too young to know, I’ll just play with the box.
One of those tools, with multiple blades.
Relief for those children who suffer with AIDS.

A scarf or a muffler with mittens to match.
Collectable cottage with roof made of thatch.
A case of refreshment that comes in a can.
Peace all over earth and goodwill to man.


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