What a waste

by | Oct 16, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I stand here and look into this dead man’s face
I don’t know what led me to this place

I set and hold him in my arms
He has suffered one of life’s greatest harms

He was killed over just a dollar
And in this alley, no one even heard him holler

To most everyone he was just a bumb, who lived in the alley
To me in the war, he was the one who could make the troups ralley

As I sit here and hold him, as all the others pass by
I start to cry

It makes me ashamed to be part of the human race
To all, this event should be a disgrace

Then I hear a voice out of nowhere
There are those of us that care

I look and I stare
But no one is there

The voice says the ones of us he took care of in the war and lead
Will now be honored to take care of him since he’s dead

We lead you here to say goodby
To a wonderful guy

Copyrighted 10/15/08 Larry R Southerland


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