What are we doing?

by | Jul 15, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sitting watching all this news
the fighter jets and all their crews
The army sending in some more
to fight this endless foreign war

How much money will they spend?
How many children will they send?
How many wounded minds to tend?
These boys and girls, how will they mend?

“What we do is just and right”
I hear those words and cringe with fright
How can you send more sons and daughters
to places where they practice slaughter?

Another death and more to come
is this to happen on and on?
Are we to just keep sending more
To fight in someone else’s war?

For all those who have lost another
sister, son, friend or brother
All I have to give is sorrow
for that tearing pain that comes tomorrow

And to all you who sit in power
in MoD or ivory tower
What’s the latest you can say
to when this war will go away

Prove to us you’re not insane
these lives you’ve spent were not in vain
I must believe it’s justified
or have again our “leaders” lied?


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