What is a Soldier to Me?

by | Dec 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

What is a Soldier to Me?

When I see a person in olive green
In the street, or on a TV screen
It takes me back to knights of old
The feats of Agincourt years ago
And then to Wellington’s brave band
Who drove Napoleon from Spanish lands
And thence on to both World Wars
Like lions they fought, not know what for
Giving their best – who can ask for more?

The person in green is the sprit of this land
When they reach out, feel the pulse in the hand
The brotherhood closer than any blood tie
They rely on each other to live and to die
Lionhearts of the country they in which serve
Cradling Albion, its freedom to preserve
It is because of them I can freely speak
Not fearing the rush of draconian feet

We mark our loss with the poppy flower
Every November, but I still feel the power
Of the truest saying of from Shakespeare’s pen
A Band of Brothers – the greatest of Men.


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