What Is Freedom?

by | Apr 5, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Freedom is like a breath of fresh air

Freedom is being allowed to think

Being able to express your feeling

Without being persecuted for your beliefs

Without freedom you are shut away from reality

You become en trapped within your mind

Your very existence becomes stagnant

You become claustrophobic

Freedom allows you to choose

To investigate into everything

To be able to decide for yourself

What paths you want to follow

Not allowing freedom

Is like being kept in a cage

Not being able to feel wind upon your face

Not being able to feel the warmth of the sun

Not allowing freedom is a crime against humanity

It is everyone’s right to be free from tyranny

No one person should repress free speech

We are all equal on this earth, allowing each to be heard

We were all born to be part of this society

The only power that can take away our freedom

Is the wonderful energy that gave it to all?

Energy of light love and understanding

By taking away everyone’s freedom

You will be suffocating the spirit

So when the light of freedom is extinguished

You will forever be in the darkness of ignorance

For those that have that freedom

Cherish it with mind body and soul

For those who have no freedom

It is your destiny to fight for it

So many people in this world

Have not experienced the joy of freedom

It is like a mantle of dross covering your soul

Allow freedom to open your heart to a new life


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