What is wrong Britain ?

by | Jun 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

What is wrong Britain?
Our streets are covered in blood
Today’s youth they think nothing of killing
No matter if the victim is young or old

Everyone is terrified to walk these streets
When the sun goes down and it gets dark
The doors shut and the curtains are drawn
The nation becomes prisoners in their own homes
Feral youth’s are allowed to roam

Is this what our glorious dead died for?
To have laid down their lives
To give up their tomorrow’s so we can cower in these today’s
I am sure you know
They are now turning in their graves

The solution is staring us in the face
To have family values and a sense of honour
To have a community
Were all are as one
Never to be prejudiced to anyone

Make this a country of which we can be proud
To put the Great back into Britain
We should shout it out loud

Oh and a few more police on the beat
Where they should be out on the streets


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