What Makes A Man

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Poetry | 1 comment

Once your war is over
Once your rifle’s stowed away
Once you’re home safe and alive
To see another day

You’ll stand tall beside your comrades
And remember those you’ve lost
You’ll burst with pride yet deep inside
Your mind will count the cost

And you’ll bottle those emotions
You’ll lock away the pain
You’ll think it wrong, you’re big and strong
But let me make this plain

That however strong you think you are
However broad your shoulder
First and foremost you’re a man
And secondly a soldier

And men are not afraid to weep
Or make their feelings known
And if you find it hard to sleep
You are not alone

So put your brave face to one side
Your friends will understand
It’s not bravado, strength nor pride
But truth that makes a man

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  1. Mac

    Great words Dave, and so true. Thank you.


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