What now awaits

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Alone with solitude of mind unable to proceed in thought
I ponder where my life will lead, in years approaching future tense
Existence had excitement full, of love, adventure and content
No more is shared within as was, a sense of longing to impart
Simplicity of love to know ‘twas you that made my heart complete
Once to share in aspiration, now doth leave predicament
You who complimented life and gave it meaning all could see
Come speak to me in shadowed dreams; pray light the path that once was clear
Peace of mind washed over me, when held in hand the reins of hope
Advanced with steps unsure of aim, perchance one day some clarity
Offspring filled with sense renewed, a reason for to be as one
Progeny are Heaven sent, a gift sublime from you to me


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