What Now

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Only the tormented can’t sleep
Eyes like black holes
Begging for their soul to keep
Unless its you who seeks

A better day in the sun
Sometimes my war is a dream
That I sleep walk backwards too
Things are not as real as they seem

Soldiers are awake
And “their” war is now
I watched on TV all I could take
Ill wake from this war somehow

But I am not them, neither are you
You live in relative peace
Civvy what is it your gonna do
To make their nightmares cease

Or crawl from beneath my black rage
When I can’t see it’s you
But the animal I become in a war cage
But I can’t see it’s you

My wife of years
Civvies tell them to stop
I bring her to tears
As slowly the bubbles pop

My island is full you strange speakers
My life in ruins and my head distorted
Give me hope in my land
I tried to free you as reported


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