What Really Matters

by | Nov 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

We live in a crazy mixed up world
Where there is much suffering and pain
But all is not as bad as it seems
If we look for things that are good again

Forget the wars for a little while
Think about those who do come back
Somebody’s loved one, fit and strong
That family won’t need to wear black

More happy smiles and children’s laughter
Make us think that all is not lost
Flowers of spring time, trees with new buds
Don’t think too much of the cost

Summertime and freedom in our homeland
To play, relax and enjoy the sun
Hillsides, beaches, friends and family
Together to have so much fun

In the gold of autumn we give thanks
For the produce of our rich soil
For the peace to plant and things to grow
To enjoy the results of our toil

With the darkness and the cold of winter
It’s time to reflect that we have such a lot
Thanks to those who go and stand up for us
So we never lose the freedom we’ve got

The smile and touch of a loved one
To hug them close and safe once again
These are all things that really matter
The good things that keep us all sane


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