What’s Going On?

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I don’t understand what’s happening in our land
There is no community, we’ve even bouts of anarchy,
Nothing like it used to be when I was young and fancy free.
Then we had security, a feeling of tranquillity,
Hope for our economy, a promise of stability.
Then the ruin of our nation came with our decimalisation
And European identity when we joined the E.E.C.
We tried to flex our muscles in Strasbourg and in Brussels
But we lost our nationality, the French bought up our industry.
We suffered from inflation, lost control of immigration,
Then sought our redirection through political correction.
Yet, as a land of debtors we still respect our betters.
The bankers watch their profits soar by finding ways to con the poor
And government becomes more cruel stirring our divide and rule.
Youngsters cannot get careers, they just get in debt for years.
We’re now all living much too long, I don’t say that this is wrong,
But as we need to earn to shop we now must work until we drop.
But there is no work to do, so where is this all leading to?
Though we’ve cures for all our ills we can’t afford to pay the bill.
So, as things are getting crazier I’m supporting euthanasia!


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