What’s wrong with me?

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

What’s wrong with me?
I wish I knew.
All seemed okay,
But then I blew.

For 16 years,
I’ve been good or bad
Never knowing,
Why I felt so sad.

Sometimes the darkness,
Held me fast
Love, work and play
All beyond my grasp.

My emotions,
Withdrawn from all.
The woman I love
Unaware of my fall.

Two young lives
Affected by my rage,
Why cant I stop,
And return it to its cage ?

Another heart,
Feeling the same pain
Temptation of release,
Heartbreak results again

Light beckons,
At the end of a road
Help offered and accepted
Sharing the load.

I just want to know
What has ruined my life
What did I do,
To deserve such strife.

What can I do ?
Where will it end ?
A life blighted by pain,
Will I break or just bend ?


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