When Cities Burn…

by | Oct 9, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

While people for their loved-ones wept
Down the streets the water swept.
The cathedral looked a forlorn sight.
Sandstone-walls glowed red with rage
The angels for the city prayed.
Shops and pubs were like rubble strewn
The once proud city stood in ruin.
‘The whole sky seemed to be alight…’
As firestorms roared down every street
The firemen could but stand and weep.
Children cowered by an open door
Their father turned his back to the blast-
Some memories would a lifetime last…
In air-raid shelters, people held their ears
Grown men, were seen, reduced to tears.
And tempers flared,’Only, eight bombs-
had fallen.’-No, I counted nine…’
The pall of smoke, the stench, the grime.
To Coventrate -to destroy a whole city
To show no shred of human pity.
Though no-one could believe it then
The city would arise again.

We would exact full-revenge in time
When coffins, formed an endless line…
And innocents would die then, too
Out of one evil another grew…


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