When Daddy Comes Home

by | May 13, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

When children see their father return from the war
Do they have any understanding what it was for?
When father comes home but still is away
A man whose face betrays what he can’t say
Eyes pleading forgiveness for what he has done
No understanding from the children, a compulsion to run

A mind so distracted by the battle still being fought
The children looking at him, understanding nought
A fear grows within them; this man is not their dad
This man has such anger, he must be very bad
Scared to approach him aware of his stare
Father never had the look they see in there

So the family starts to break down, doing all it can
A father still in battle, children afraid of this man
Mother fears for her children, what he could do
This man who was her husband, once loved her true
She will take her children, abandon this stranger
Concern for her children, removed from the danger


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