When HE is in your mind

by | May 25, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

He will know your deepest fears
He will know all your guilt
He can reduce a grown man to tears
As you spend all night shivering under your quilt

You drink more and more to dispel this hell
As he uses your families voices to send you to where the innocent tongues severed cant tell
He will take over your mind
Make you do things your soul could not

He could make you beat your wife or child
Or kill your mum
Sell your soul just for one more piece of fun
Yes the devil will drive you wild

But we must be strong
For together we belong
There is only the moon there is only the moon
That is us me and you
So don’t give in whatever you do

If he makes them scream
It is only a bad dream
If you can’t find peace to sleep email me
Ill watch whilst you rest
But please remember to stand the devil test


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