When I said good-bye, I didn’t mean forever

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

As the 8th grade nears its end
I say my good-byes
Until next year, my friends
Anytime you want, just stop by

Well spend our time hanging out
Sending our teeth into rot
I’ll start off the remember-when’s
And you’ll recall what I forget

I’ll confess all there is to confess
And I’ll tell you all my secrets
You’ll tell me about your boyfriend Todd
And I’ll tell you about all the meat-heads

We’ll promise at the end of summer
To always be friends
You’ll call and tell me how the end of summer was a bummer
You’ll tell me some new trends

After that we both change
Todd’s now a jock
Not a word we’ll exchange
And Billy becomes hot

We’ll walk the halls of high school
With our new friends
You’ll become cool
And my social life will end

After so many years
I’ll straighten up
But you’ll just rot
When I said good-bye
I didn’t mean forever
I guess to you
Good-byes mean a lot


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