‘When I’m a grown man’

by | Apr 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I am a grown man, I shall sail the seven seas
Sit upon a whirlwind that can flatten all the trees
I shall ride a bucking bronco, way out in the west
And fight a fearsome dragon, clad only in my vest.

When I’m a grown man, I will be a soldier brave
Capture all the terrorists who skulk inside their cave
I’ll save the fair young maidens, from dragon’s claw and flame
And strike that fearsome dragon down, until it is tame.

When I am a grown man, I shall flirt and love the girls
Marry blue-eyes what’s her name, with all those crazy curls
I’ll buy a great big mansion, with swimming pool out back
Painted on the bottom, a shark all coloured black.

When I am a grown man, I shall still give Mum a kiss
That’s the only awesome thing I would really mostly miss
She reads me lovely stories when I’m tucked up tight in bed
Gives me such a sloppy kiss, right here upon my head.

When I’m a grown man, then I shall fly a Phantom jet
I shall fly it to the moon, just for a silly bet
With it, I will loop the loop around the yellow moon
But now Mum is saying, I must go to sleep quite soon.

So I say fond goodnight, I shall meet you in my dreams

There we can plan our coming hopes, and such naughty schemes
Night descends upon the earth, and so I make my plan
That I shall be the King of all, when I’m a grown man.


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