When l am asleep

by | Mar 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When l am asleep
I can be anyone l want to be
I can do anything l want to do
I can soar through the air
The wind whistling through my hair

When l am asleep
All my problems disappear
They are never close or very near
I don’t have the constant dread
Or the sad thoughts that fill my head

When l am asleep
The nightmares sometimes come
But l can become the one
The one who is brave and never afraid

When l am asleep
And in my own little world
I can get away from it all
And feel a hundred feet tall

When l am asleep
I can be at peace with the world
I can dream of a place
That makes no difference about the colour of your face

These are the dreams that come to me
As l lie in my bed
Such are the thoughts that run through my head
When l am asleep


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