When tomorrow comes

by | May 23, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When starting out on the Road of Life
The rules are not hard and fast
But usually rely on the guidance of others
That have made mistakes in the past
Each chosen step you tread
May have some imperfection
Which then may indicate erroneously
To lead you in the wrong direction
When sometimes you come to a crossroads
And ponder to turn left or right
At times like these you have to choose
And hope the decision you make is quite
Correct for the path you wish to travel
And take each step with caution and care
Tho’ no-one knows what tomorrow may bring
For happiness or sorrow may be there
So perhaps it’s folly to plan too far ahead
But try to live one day at a time
As every day and hour that passes, we get older
And will never return to our prime
So it’s never bad to ask advice
At the times when you are in doubt
For troubles shared are worries halved
And may be easily sorted out
For no Man, or Woman, is an Island
As on friendships most of us rely
To carry on our lives from day to day
As the hands of time go rushing by
So never dwell on the sadness of life
But look for the cloud with the Silver Lining
Followed by a cloudless blue sky
Where the Sun is endlessly shining
So rid yourself of a lonesome past
And open your heart to a friend
And share the joys that each day brings
For your solitude to end
As you pass this way but once they say
So enjoy every passing hour to extreme
Perpetuate your life with joy
Fulfill your wildest dream
And only then will you know the happiness
That love and friendship may enhance
To re-awaken your yesterdays
And give your new future a chance.


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