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Days when our friendships were begun…
When we knew we never would grow old.
The sun in summer always shone…
And in winter’s depths it always snowed.
Autumn breathed both mist and dew…
And spring held promise of life anew.
Thus t’was the youthful fountain sprung…
I remember well…when we were young.

For future things we had no care…
Just to be together and with our kin.
We vowed always our lives to share…
Raise sons and daughters…grandchildren.
To feel fulfilled and to enjoy
Rewards we gained from our employ.
On such idealised thoughts we hung…
In far off days…when we were young.

Yet something died a long time gone,
Just as our lives had really started.
Crushed when friends were quick departed.
Now I look back, and one by one
I see where they…my friends…are gone.
In war their broken bodies flung
On battle fields…when they were young.

My journey now does not include
Companionships of former days.
I spend my time in solitude,
And oft I think of youthful ways
To renew bonds of friendships fast…
And yearn to recreate the past.
To such memories I have clung…
For long ago…when we were young.

When I find myself in solitary
Reflective mood, I then allow
Myself to think…a momentary
Thought…to wherever they are now,
My dear friends…and companions…
And others’ fathers…brothers…sons.
On life’s sojourn my passions wrung…
I miss those days…when we were young.

In the quietude of the darkening eve,
When e’er I rest my wearied head,
I think of times…of which I grieve.
On dampened pillow tears are shed…
As I think of all that I’ve been through.
I am ready now for the celestial view,
And long with friends to be among…
To relive those days…when we were young.


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