When you come home again to Wales

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To look across the hillside
As far as the eyes can see
Only the Mountains and Valleys
In sheer tranquility
Some of the peaks with snow atop
Seen from the valleys below
This is where scenic beauty lies
As all the tourists know
For Wales has long been noted
As the Land of Music and Song
Where you can go to sleep
Just counting real Sheep
Seen in the countryside all day long
For far away a voice is calling
Peels of memory chime
Come home again come home again
It said through the echoes of time
To welcome home Welsh patriots
To the mining villages past
And look if you will at the buildings
Still covered in a film of coal dust
To explore some of the Welsh history
But to gloss over would be unjust
Picture the scene in the early morn
As the Colliers walk through the village for their shift
There’s even a hint of a song in the air
As their laden spirits they try to lift
And take those last few steps to the pithead
Can you imagine how they might feel
Gathered together once more in the hoist
As the tired cogs start to squeal
And lower these heroes to the bowels of the earth
Not knowing what they might find
To hack and pick and shovel coal
Leaving their wives and families behind
While they work in the damp and the darkness
Even ponies were blinkered there
And each one loved by the pitmen
They treated their favourites with care
It’s hard to imagine the life that they lived

Below ground for all those hours
Hoping each day that aloft they’d return
To the welcome daylight and showers
But day after day , year on year
All some managed to achieve
Was to earn just a miserly pittance
And find it an effort to breath
As older they grew but wouldn’t give in
For they knew mining was in their blood
Their very existence relied on coal
Which they clearly understood
But sadly today the winches no long turn
To raise and lower the cage
As Coal Mining recedes into History
As a relic of a bygone age
And we go forward to a modern era
That Health & Safety would not condone
The un-healthly working environment
That Welsh Miners had always known
For many a Family the wrench was hard
Without Coal they had to adjust
And try to find other employment
To put food on the table, a must
I’m not too sure, for a Celt I am not
So it would have to be a pure guess
Not having to go down the pit again
Might have been worth just a little bit less
As long as body and soul were kept intact
For wives no longer necessary
To fear the sound of the siren, for an accident
Would it be their loved one,s they’d bury
I trust as this story is read now and then
Like other old Welsh tales
You remember the words of that famous song
“When you come home again to Wales.


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