Where did it all go wrong

by | Oct 7, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Where did you and I go so wrong,
It appears we weren’t very strong.
Things are never going to be the same,
Only ourselves to blame.
Some bad times, but good times too,
We went through a lot me and you.
Some things we won’t forget,
Some things we will regret.
Special times that we shared,
For many years we both cared.
Maybe we both ran out of time,
When we thought things seemed fine.
A lot of times we would yell,
We knew that time would tell.
We really wasn’t going to last,
Too much had happened in the past.
But we was given a gift from above,
For years we were blessed with a special love.
Something that will be hard to let go,
But we have to, that I know.


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