Where is he?

by | Aug 8, 2005 | Poetry | 0 comments

Deep in my sleep at night I think I’ve seen him there,
walking on the hill with the rain drops in his hair.
Down by the garden wall or by the tractor shed,
I know I’ve seen him somewhere here inside my head.

Over by the burn today I’m sure I saw him pass,
or was it him I thought I saw sitting on the grass.
I thought I heard his voice today from the room next door,
or was it just the whisper of the breeze upon the floor.

Now and then I’ll find myself thinking on my own,
and find it hard to understand why I feel so all alone.
And then I think of Donald and how he was with us,
and know he wouldn’t want to be the cause of all this fuss.

All this time I’ve looked for him and haven’t found him yet,
I’ve looked in all those places I thought he liked the best.
I think I’ll pop down to the church to pray and talk a while,
and ask the Lord to walk with us along this lonely mile.

Lord I am not worthy but help me please this day,
to let me understand the reason Donald couldn’t stay.
As night descends and wraps us up we turn our thoughts to you,
we offer up our prayers and now a kiss for Donald too.

Dear Lord I have been foolish to look elsewhere but here,
I should have looked here sooner and saved myself a tear.
As soon as I walked in just now I saw him sitting there,
close by your side for ever more we place him in your care.


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