Where is Home?

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Home, where is that place for me
I look at pictures but I can’t really see
I can’t quite make up my mind
Which of the places I’ve left behind
Is it where Dad was brought up and I was a child
Where I raced in fields running wild
I was a tom boy with my mates
Boys from down past the churchyard gates
Times were so different then and free
We could play out all day and be home for tea
Lots of family lived close by too
My lovely Granny, I’ll not forget you

Then Dad got a posting over the sea
The whole of my life then changed for me
I became a girl, left the tom boy behind
Made many friends who stay in my mind
School was a place I enjoyed to be
But after school were the friends I’d see
Very special people who meant so much
Never forgotten, some still keep in touch
Wonderful years to be young in the sun
Swimming and dancing, life was such fun
When we left I was inconsolably sad
Home in Malta, where I had Mum and my Dad

Then back we went to my childhood home
Things looked different because I had grown
Memories too fresh and feelings of pain
Someone I missed, never would see again
Got on with my life but I was a fool
Wouldn’t listen to Dad and go back to school
Did silly jobs just so I could get pay
Had fun with my girlfriends and blew it away
A close friend then came back into my life
From that old house I became his wife
So was that place my home, where my Dad and I grew
And both of my children were born there too

So many years have come and gone by
So many different houses and that is why
I really don’t know where is my home
And for how many more years will we roam
Time has almost been used up it would seem
To have a home now is only a dream
But as long as my family are healthy and good
It makes no difference in what place I am stood
What does it matter where I lay my head
As long as I am warm and safe in my bed
Now I know what’s important when I’m dust and bones
They are people you love, not a building in stones


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