Where is the Love

by | Apr 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Where is the love that once you knew
As it blossomed in your youth
The moon shone clear
And the Sun beams were bright
But did this disguise the truth
About how life can really be
As on life’s road you travel
Tho’ it make take so many years
The answers to unravel
For as you start upon the road
In dreams you still believe
How the Handsome Prince may come along
No thought that he might deceive
‘Cos in those Fairy Tales you read
They have a Happy Ending
But love between a young couple
May soon see a cloud descending
When you sat in the room and your eyes first met
Was your heart all a’flutter and miss a beat
Did you ever think for one moment
It would end in lies and deceit
Oh Yes there were times you could jump for joy
And think of the happy times ahead
But alas sometimes things will go wrong
So you’re there in the doldrums instead
Good times you’ll always remember
Like the time you held your first child
You probably wept like the baby yourself
Completely and utterly beguiled
Which gave you the strength in those early days
To discover what life has in store
And should misfortune overtake you
You’ll quickly show it the door
For then it will be time to open your heart
And seek in pastures new
To find love and compassion that you seek
Which may last the rest of life through


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