by | Apr 14, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Looking at a rainbow is like living a life!
I weave a tapestry threaded with hope and watch it grow,
Putting love in the centre it gets spattered with blood,
Stains of rejection, loose threads of desire I wallow and fall in the deepening mire!
Building a bonfire to consume my despair I throw on kindling of the past,
Collected together are a pile of mistakes,
Hate, jealousy, envy and pride, what’s left – there’s nowhere to hide!
The flickering flames of life’s silly games are piles of dust!
All the tears and regret have turned into stone, memories lost like flesh and bone,
“Where does the dust come from?” asks the next generation,
As each new broom sweeps up the decay then just maybe one day something REAL will LAST!


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