“Where’s the Pun in that”

by | Jan 6, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

“What’s up Doc” I’m fit to go
Here’s hoping for release today
E’en patience tried and full of woe
Result, I have no wish to stay

Eight day week has come and gone
Seven more, a tad unfair
True, my pallor may seem wan
Have to say, I just don’t care

Every tactic I’ve employed
Plus subterfuge, e’en sleight of hand
Undercover of the night, in order to avoid
“Nil by mouth,” now Laptop’s banned

If caught on-line when all abed
“Numbers up,” blood pressure too
Thoughts arise straight to my head
“Hearts and minds,” they can’t subdue

Acrostic leads my quill on run
To pen some words and have some fun

(Edited by ever watchful “Angels” of the ward)


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