White Hell

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Mummy why are you crying, have you hurt yourself again?
White make-up daubed around your nose your boyfriend calls cocaine,
I hate to see you so upset, will a kiss or hug help out?
Why are you always ill mummy and why must you always shout?

Its every day, instead of school, I skip and play outside,
Conjuring up monsters and ghosts then run indoors to hide,
Sometimes I can see you mum, a straw stuck up your nose,
Trying to put on white make-up, then laying down for a doze,

Wake up, Wake up, I’m frightened now, your cold and turning blue,
Are you feeling poorly or tired, shall I call a doctor for you?
What are these men doing mummy, why are you going away?
Why is that sheet over your head, is it that game we used to play?

Why is mummy with the angels Gran, why did she have to die?
What was in that white powder? Maybe someday I’d like to try,
It’s difficult at four years old, to take in all life’s woes,
Wondering why mummy died, with white make-up round her nose.


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