Who am I ?

by | Jan 9, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Who am I? I’m me of course
At least I think I am
I am so many people rolled into one
I’ll explain as best I can

Well, firstly I’m a Daughter
I’m a Sister that makes two
Don’t forget I am a Grand Daughter
To both Nan and Granddad too

I’m an Aunt to my two brother’s kids
I’m sure there’s one I’ve missed
Oh that’s it, they’ve kids as well
So add Great Aunt to my list

When I married I became a Wife
We’ve kids, so I’m a Mum
Then when they decide to have kids of their own,
I’ll be a Nan, wont that be fun

You may think my list is done
I’ll tell you now, there’s more
There are still a few more people
Which I haven’t mentioned before

I am a Niece to my Aunts and Uncles
Then a Cousin to their kin
When I add the in-laws
Another list begins

So many people rolled into one
How confusing this must be
At least I know now who I am
I know that I am me!


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