Who are you, with sad eyes?

by | Apr 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do I know who you are?
Do I see more
than the torn T-shirt?
Or the sad smile you give
to those passing you by?

I’d stop but I’m much too busy
with my own daily life
of meeting friends for lunch,
or rushing to the mall
to see what’s on sale.

I’d stop but I’m not sure
it would be safe,
for you may carry germs
that I would not want to catch,
because you have dirt on your hands.

I’d stop, but I’ve got to get a haircut.
Not that I need one,
but it’s a good excuse
(the best I can imagine for now)
to pass you by.

I’d stop…



Could you be my Veteran
that I’d promised to honor
because you fought to protect me
and my family, leaving your own
in their time of need?

Could you be the one
who lost his buddy in the war
and now sit and wonder,
saddened over the fact
that your life was spared?

Could you be one of the many
who protected our country,
then forgotten by those
who should be caring for
your health and well being?

I’m ashamed, so very ashamed
for almost passing you by;
for forgetting my promises
made when I needed you,
and hailed you when you were fighting.

Now I see you need me.
Tears form in my eyes
as I think
how easily we forget
what we owe to you.

Would you take my hand, fella?
I want very much
to have lunch with you, friend.
I want very much
to brighten your spirit once again.

What’s that? You’re hands are not clean?
That can be taken care of in the restaurant.
You say you’re not dressed properly?
Dear Vet, you are clad in all you need:
Your smile and sparkle in your eyes are enough.


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