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I hear the sirens wailing
The blue lights flashing fast
Coming from the distance
Down the Motorway at last

A woman’s head I’d cradled
Ejected from her car
The carnage all around her
Death near, yet not so far

The life is draining from her
Like wine, her blood is flowing
Spreading ‘cross the tarmac
An icy wind is blowing

Her skin is cold now, lips so blue
She’s dying in my arms
So slowly comes the Ambulance
Past fields and dim lit farms

She’s bleeding out, she’s fading fast
I can’t just let her die
I kiss her clammy forehead
“ Good-luck my dear, Goodbye “

I’m old now, frail and fragile
I’ve lived my life with glee
“ Take me instead, give back her life.
I’ll swap if you agree ? “

Her eyes they slowly open
A “ Thank you “ on her face
I know she’s going to make it
I know she’ll win the race

I slowly step out in the road
Flashing lights they find me
They brake and skid across the ice
I stand there patiently

“ Get out the way you daft old sod ! “
A man shouts from nearby
I do not move, my promise kept
I’m thrown into the sky !

A woman on the stretcher
Broken, but alive
I’ve taken death upon myself
I’ve swapped so she’d survive

A lot of years I’ve wasted
Years without remission
I know now what it’s all about
We all have one life’s mission


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