by | May 2, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Who tells the sea to come and go
Informs the flowers how to grow
Makes pears and apples grow on trees
And sends a cooling summer breeze.
I wonder who makes rain so wet
Makes jellies wobble when they set
Lets fish all breathe in sea so deep
And then helps the giant whales to leap.
Gave birds strong wings to fly so high
And paints so blue the very sky
I wonder who wakes up the sun
Gives warmth and light to everyone.
Who made the world so big and round
Made little moles live underground
Together with the wiggly worms
Invented things we know as germs.
Who made the sea so very deep
Bother! I think I’ll go to sleep!
Oh dear me! Since it seems so odd
I’ll close my eyes and ask my God.


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