Who’s on the other line? I don’t know

by | Aug 28, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

She picks up the phone
And goes to her room,
And closes the door,
I hear not a sound.

Is she cheating?
I do not know-
But I’m worried that
That’s just what she’s doing.

An hour’s gone by,
She’s not come out.
Has she died in there?
I think not- the other line still shows busy…

Does she have a ‘special friend’?
Does she remember she is married?
Maybe I should tell ‘Him’,
Her husband, should I?

Another hour’s gone by-
The phone’s still busy
I wonder who it is,
A girlfriend perhaps?

Yeah, maybe it’s one of her friends.
A girl, definitely.
Maybe she just wants
Someone to talk to.

Why not talk to me?
Because I’m her daughter…

No, she’s definitely talking
To someone she shouldn’t,
Sneaking around with the phone
Every Saturday, for hours on end.

If I confront her,
I could lose her.
If I don’t-
I could still lose one of them.

She’s finally done with the call!
She comes out of the room,
And goes to the loo.
I check the phone.

Thank God we have caller ID!
I look and see,
Oh, my God, help me!
The number is international…


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