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Why do I treat you this way?

You give me all your lovin’
But it just ain’t enough when
The devils and demons creep in.
I know I should thank you
But instead I just blank you
And the way I treat you is a sin.

Why can’t I say things to you?

There’s stuff that I’ve done
And now you’re just the one
Who will listen and give me your time.
But the right words ain’t there
And I just sit and stare
I am mute, and it’s just such a crime.

Why do you put up with me?

I can see when you’re wishin’
That I’d just quit my bitchin’
But I can’t always stop the tirade.
You know it’s really not me
All this anger you see
It just isn’t the way that I’m made.

…And I’m really so grateful you stayed.

© Brian Keith Bilverstone 2007


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