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Why can’t I be happy
why do I feel like this
why do tears come unexpected
why go on like this

why can’t I talk about it
why can’t I love
why can’t I hold you
why not my love

why can’t I sleep
why can’t I forget
why so much pain
why can’t I laugh again

why do I jump
why do I shake
why when the door slams
why for god’s sake

why can’t I look you straight in the eye
why can’t I speak to them I break down and cry
why can’t I stop being angry and snap
why can’t I please get it to stop

why do I live here all alone
why wont people come to my home
why do I just sit here and think
why do I do nothing but drink

why a soldier I wanted to be
why has my country forgot about me
why and what is wrong with me
why oh yes……… its ptsd.


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