Why a wall

by | May 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

All gave some, some gave all
But the names of all that gave it all, are not on the wall

There were many who were killed in Vietnam, but there they didnot die
Sent home to live, they must try

For some it was short, for others it was long
And now for many more of us it will not be long

For those who have suffered through it all
Shouldn’t their names also be on a wall

Those who gave it all
Recieved God’s very early call

When we all recieve God’s call
We will all meet up and greet each other,and together we will stand tall, for in this war we gave it our all

For those that served who’s name is not on the wall
Though time may make it difficult, remember in this war you to gave it your all, so stand TALL

The wall is a monument to all
So if you visit it, in front of it stand proud and tall

Remember this wall was built to honor us all
Not just the ones who gave it all


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