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Why do we do?
What we do
When we do it
Is it for Queen?
Is it for country?

When standing in the rain
Being wet is such a pain
Looking up to the sky
You only have to ask yourself

You wait for the shout
To move on out
Lead scout has spotted something
That we will have to go and sort out

Return fire
Take cover
Return fire
The drills are slick
You have to be quick

The battle is done
We won this one
The boss is not cross
We have suffered no loss

Apart from the one
The enemy one
Somebody else’s son
A mother’s loss
Of an only son

Still want to ask me
Why do we do what we do?
Is it for glory?
Or is it for fun
Say that to the mother who has lost her son
I am so sorry to you
A Mum


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