Why Do You Do It?

by | Apr 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

You may ask why do what I do? A question so simple an answer so true
When you wake up and switch on the TV, do you imagine being at the horrors of which you see
How would you feel if you saw something untoward, and you did nothing and a bomb goes off
Do you know the difference from friend and foe, do you know if you have a terrorist next door?
A minimum of three in a terrorist cell, but what does a terrorist look like can you really tell?
A wake call this country needs, or more terrorist attacks will happen and innocent people will bleed
How long do you have? When will you breathe your last? Is the person next to you going to be a blast?
Wake up government and head the call, or more innocent people will continue to fall
My job is simple it’s to keep Britain safe, and safe you and your family from having to bereave
You may ask what do I do? The answer is simple it’s to keep harm from you
On far off shores, the enemy I fight, so all those who read this can sleep safe at night.


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