“Why Do You Have To Be A Code:Breaker?”

by | May 5, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

I got to say that this one’s hard for me
You’ve got me thinking like way out, out of my tree
I was believin’ till my thoughts ran aground
How can I read you when all quaint, profound and I
Get to a comma and it’s tough to call
Words could mean everything, or just be scrawl
Now it’s no matter if I don’t have a clue
I’d spend a lifetime to decipher you
Only to find in the reams that I have, you’ve been lyin’
I’m tryin,’ but I don’t see the train
Tried to connect to your world by means ‘multi-tasking’
Still there’s no gain, when will you ‘tweet’ again
“Why do you have to be a Code:Breaker……………….?”

Aramis – /| 11212-61518-15145-1144-15145-61518-11212


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