Why Don’t We Help

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We sit in our homes with our TVs on
we watch all the channels as though nothing is wrong
We sip at our drinks be it coffee or tea
and ignore all those voices begging us please

We sit on our sofas that’s you and that’s me
pictures of suffering, repetitive pleas
we turn over channels rather than hear
the starving and needy who at us now peer

Is it our fault that this awful thing happens?
(I feel the guilt rise as I let our fat cat in)
Of course it is not we cannot be blamed
but sitting doing nothing is really the same

I say to myself this I cannot fix
the plight of these people, so many sick
they ask for a little to help them to drink
while we watch some more water run in our sinks

I sit here just now with my soul bared to god
my rank now means nothing, which sometimes feels odd
I know that this cancer has eaten me up
please lord hear my soul as it asks for your cup

My sorrow to you and to yours if need be
I gave nothing to them not even 10p
I have no excuse for St Peter or Paul
I ask for forgiveness I ask for us all

So as I depart and say my goodbyes
please watch the whole advert, use more than our eyes
please see all the suffering and watch it again
then seize on that chance to help ease their pain

I now need to leave you I’m sorry to say
my girl writes this down as my life slips away
please hear an old soldier as he goes to rest
“give help to each other” was his final request


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