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Why so sad, boy? It’s only death
And surely no surprise.
All folks must shed their earthly skins
Before their souls can rise.
No need to feel sorry, my lad,
Either for yourself or for me,
Things are proceeding as they must;
It all was meant to be.
None of us knows how the parting will come.
There’s never a good way, of course,
But focus upon the life that was lived,
Don’t get bogged down in remorse.
For death is a great big adventure
And tho’ we must all pass alone through the door,
There are plenty, who’ve done so before us,
There to greet us and tell us the score.
The pain of the parting will pass, boy.
Then, only the memories remain.
To keep us and cheer us, and guide us,
Until we meet up, once again.


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