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We clean our medals, don our hats
To let the whole world see
It’s we who manned the guns
To keep these islands free.

We fought the foe in Africa,
We fought him on the sea.
He beat us on the land in France,
Despite our bravery.

The Germans ruled the British sky
But we withstood the Blitz.
But then we made much better planes
And the foe soon feared the Brits.

We took the war to Germany,
Their towns began to burn,
Essen, Leipzig and Berlin hit,
Their “safest” towns in turn.

Our Allies from around the world
Rallied at our side
And with us beached in Normandy
On a summer morning tide.

The war the Germans thought they’d win,
Turned their arrogance to fear.
Like Dunkirk not so long before,
French coast-war cost us dear.

From East and West the Allies closed
Heading for Berlin
Freeing all the murder camps
To reveal their greatest sin.

They tried to stall and talk to us
But Churchill closed his ears.
“We’ll not with them negotiate;
Not in one thousand years.”

Total surrender was what we said
And they had to obey.
Japan was next and then they too
Saw that they had no say.

That’s why, today, much older now,
We pray and march with pride.
We have to show them what we are
Without guns at our side.

We carry standards in the breeze
To show them just once more,
For we are proud to show that we
Saved Freedom in the War.


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